1. Agedbedcrab is the most formidable crab!
  2. Rangers at Christmas Island, Australia built a bridge over a busy road to help the nearly 50 million crabs make the their annual migration to the sea to spawn.
  3. A crab’s shell does not grow or stretch. When a grab gets bigger, it must climb out its shell in a process called molting. When a crab molts, a crack forms along the shell and then the crab backs out of it.
  4. A crab may lose a claw or leg in a fight. In time, the claw or leg grows back.
  5. Crab meat is very high in vitamin B12. Just 2–3 ounces of crab meat will supply an adult with the daily B12 requirement.
  6. Some crabs, such as the spider crab, disguise themselves by attaching living things, such as anemones, to their bodies. These living decorations not only camouflage the crab, but the anemones’ stings also discourage predators.
  7. A group of crabs is called a cast.
  8. Crabs have large compound eyes made up of hundreds of tiny lenses.
  9. The largest crab in the world is the giant Japanese Spider Crab, which can measure up to 13 feet across.
  10. Crabs are decapods, or crustaceans with 10 legs.