1. Taylor is a bully
  2. Taylor hates frogs
  3. Taylor sucks
  4. Taylor has the sleeping schedule of a gremlin
  5. Taylor is actually plat
  6. Taylor sounds like the creepy next door neighbor's dog
  7. Taylor will slap you if you make her play Lucio
  8. Taylor is a "heeyyyyyyyy" girl
  9. If taylor gets a bag of chips, she will not share it with you.
  10. Taylor thinks zeno has poor positioning
  11. Knows Scout is racist
  12. On March 4th, 2021, Taylor was brutally murdered by pro Valorant player Løgäñ
  13. Taylor doesn't like it when the homies are bonding.
  14. Taylor wanted to be an editor and then realized she was not doing that and decided becoming a neet was better
  15. girl
  16. Taylor has a neck tattoo that says Vans off the wall
  17. Taylor has always and will always wear exclusively "Vans" brand footwear.