1. hes 12 (13 in october)
  2. Zeno is a prominent member of the detroit rap scene
  3. Zeno works for the bourgeoisie
  4. "He is my lover" - fihx
  5. has never lost
  6. Zenos full name is Blake Zeno "Zeno" Zeno
  7. "brig otp"
  8. Zeno of Elea was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher of Magna Graecia and a member of the Eleatic School founded by Parmenides. Aristotle called him the inventor of the dialectic. He is best known for his paradoxes, which Bertrand Russell described as "immeasurably subtle and profound"
  9. he has a weak mental
  10. Bad aim
  11. Zeno is not italian
  12. Zeno never flames teammates
  13. zeno is built different
  14. still has not found consistentency
  15. He almost saved JFK with trans
  16. Kim Jong Un is afraid of zeno's discords
  17. Joe45 was MTD'd by zeno
  18. Jeff Kaplan designed Zenyatta after Zeno
  19. he can do it in 9
  20. Zeno thinks there is only one type of potato
  21. Can sing good
  22. Gave 3 kidneys to children in need
  23. zeno is ridiculously cute.
  24. has never done anything wrong
  25. zeno writes his W/L record in yellow and purple because he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan.
  26. plz daddy zeno I'll be good I promise. without the mod icon next to my name in your chat I have nothing to live for :(
  27. epiczeno killed Fihx's family and forced him to watch
  28. Zeno LOVES our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ AMEN
  29. zeno was raised in a travelling circus